Styling Links Underline

Whenever I start developing a new website or work on a new theme, I happen to spend quite some time how to underline hypertext. Recently, I while I was working on a new block-based theme, I happened to reach into the same pigeonhole again. This was time to bookmark my references for use cases. In […]

Using Clamp() Function in Projects

Note: This post is part of leaning efforts to understand and use fluid typography for responsive webdesign for multiple user devices. This learning post is still in active development and updated regularly. In a previous article Fluid Typography and Use of CSS Clamp() Function, I discussed about fluid typography in general. In this post, I […]

A Very Useful Learn CSS Course

The MDN Web Docs CSS Tutorials is the main CSS learning source for many us. Recently, a new Learn CSS course is available in Google and was prepared by leading experts Andy Bell, Rachel Andrew, Una Kravets, and Adam Argyle. Rob Dodson and Jiwoong Lee shepherded the UX & production build, along with help […]