WooCommerce GraphQL API

WPGrahQL API is getting popular because of developers’ interest on decoupled Gatsby WordPress sites. Recently I used in one of my project to migrate a WordPress data to a decoupled Gatsby site. Because WooCommerce plugins powers about 40% of e-commerce sites, interest on decoupled woocommerce Gatsby sites is natural because security & speed conferred by […]

Writing Beginner Contents

Writer Lev Grossman’s advice for aspiring writer is “Write write write. Writing is a craft not a gift. You have to practice“. Writing content for beginners’ appears to be hard even for accomplished writers. In a recent tweet, Rachel Andrew wrote that writing beginner content is really hard and that’s why very few people write. […]


Just write — write down what you learned, no matter how big or small. Start a blog and publish your writings there. Don’t think about whether or not people will like or read your articles — just give them a home and put them out there.  Sara Soueidan

The above quote taken from the Just Write article by Sara Soueidan (a freelance front-end UI/UX developer, trainer, author and speaker) from her personal blog site is simply inspiring.