ReactJs Documentation by Dan Abramov

Following are some recent ReactJs documentation by Dan Abramov posted in Overeacted. They very detailed and very informative. How Are Function Components Different from Classes? by Dan Abramov. This is a great official documentation to understand functional components vs Classes. A MUST read article. A Complete Guide to useEffect by Dan Abrammov. A very detailed […]

Yarn Installation on MacOS

NPM is default package manager for Node.js packages (or modules) to share and reuse code among JavaScript developers. Node.js (an open source server environment) allows to run JavaScript on the server. It runs on Windows, MacOS, Linux and other platforms. Yarn is a new node package manager developed by Facebook, Google and others, and publicly […]


React as a UI Runtime

This React as a UI Runtime by Dan Abramov is very detailed article to “understand the React programming model in more depth“. According to Dan, this article is aimed at “experienced programmers and folks working on other UI libraries who asked about some trade offs chosen in React”.

This is a deep dive — THIS IS NOT a beginner-friendly post. In this post, I’m describing most of the React programming model from first principles. I don’t explain how to use it — just how it works. Dan Abramov- Overreacted

In deed, this a very long deep dive article and takes several reads to understand about React programming model.

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Even your favorite developers may not know many things that you know. Regardless of your knowledge level, your confidence can vary greatly. Experienced developers have valuable expertise despite knowledge gaps. Dan Abramov, Overreacted.

The above quote was taken from Dan Abramov's confessional post Things I Don’t Know as of 2018 from his personal blog site Overreacted where he lists his knowledge gaps in more than 24 areas where we assume he has knowledge.