Labre Blocks – Keeping Up To Date

Because there is no standard developed yet to create child theme for block-based themes, it’s a pain to update when either the parent theme or Gutenberg plugin gets updated.

My Labre Blocks theme, is a child theme (or more accurately a renamed) of Quadrat theme, which is briefly described in this post. Because Quadrat itself is child theme of experimental Blockbase parental theme and both are undergoing constant development iterations.

Keeping up to date

As the Blockbase documentation correctly warns that though these experimental themes are usable in production for keeping up to date is a “pain” from maintenance burden.

As Full Site Editing matures, Blockbase will continue to change with it; Blockbase child themes will need to be kept up to date with these developments so that they can take advantage of the new features.  Blockbase Documentation

Guttenberg v11.7 Changes

Because the v11.7 of the Gutenberg plugin included major changes in its Navigation block dubbed as creating a lighter navigation experience. The result was it also affected Blockbase parental theme’s header layout as well as well as the footer page navigation layout of the index.html  template.

Screenshot showing left aligned header navigation (source: GitHub)

The footer pagination problem as explain in the ticket as “since WordPress/gutenberg#35092 merged, the Query Pagination block doesn’t have any markup. This removes the extra wrappers”.

Screenshot showing misaligned page navigation (source: GitHub)

To fix the problem in my Labre Blocks, I had to update its index.html markup as of Quadrat’s index.html page as well.

Now the theme works as expected this time, but have to be ready for other updates as the block editor and Blockbase parental theme development iteration continues until stable versions are available.

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