Development Tools


Eloquent JavaScript
By Marijn Haverbeke. A digital book about JavaScript, programming, and the wonders of the digital.

React Quickly
By Azat Mardan. Learn to build web apps with React, JSX, Redux, and GraphQL.

React.Fragment and Semantic HTML
By James Williamson. Lynda Learning

Single Page ReactJS-based sites

React Static
A progressive static-site generator for React. A minimalistic framework for server-rendered React applications carefully designed to meet standards of SEO, site performance, and user/developer experience. An introduction to the kit Introducing React-Static — A progressive static-site framework for React!  is found in Medium.

React Primer Draft
A primer for building Single-Page Applications with React with very detailed documentation.

React Native for Web” Repo – by Nicolas.
A very useful resource for building web pages.

Lists of open-source static site generators.

How to make a personal site with React and JavaScript – by Matthew Thorry (
Step-by-step tutorial to create a react based site using create-react-app.

WordPress REST API based Themes

Wallace is an experimental next-generation WordPress blogging theme built with the Rest API and Angular2. Demo site is here and Development Blog here.

A react-based theme, bringing single-page app goodness to your WordPress blog!

Web Tools

Web Tools weekly
Very resourceful extensive list of development tools in the form of weekly issue.

TeleType for Atom
An application to collaborate in real time which allows developers share their workspace with team members and collaborate on code in real time.

Useful Pens for Everyday Front End Development
This bookmark collection by Sarah Drasner some very useful time-saving techniques that are helpful in practice in everyday development.

Resources on Headless WordPress

Headless WordPress with React – by JC Hiatt (
WordPress as a Headless CMS – by Adam Brono (

ReactJS & WordPress

WordPress + React Starter Kit
This starter kit (by Gina Trapani) spins up a WordPress backend with a React frontend talking to the WP REST API in two steps. More detailed introductory information is found in this post.

Simple website tutorial – ReactJS + WordPress – A good tutorial setting up a site with DEMO site.

10 WordPress Themes Built with ReactJS – Reyes Martínez. An interesting post with an overview 10 WordPress themes with ReactJs.

How To Build A Skin For Your Web App With React And WordPress – by Muhammad Muhsin ( Very detailed step-by-step tutorial creating a ReactJS & REST API theme. He is also the author of React based theme react-verse.